Panoramic Sky Lounge LED

  One of the leading brands in the premium class, BMW clearly showed how much it has improved itself with the features it offers in the new generation 7 series. This luxury car has a lot of equipment. But the main feature that brings the visuality to the top is the led ceiling called Panoramic Sky Lounge. So what is the difference between this system and the standards? Let's find out the answer to this question together. With the Sky Lounge led ceiling offered in the G70 coded BMW 7 series, the vehicle's living space is provided with a completely different atmosphere. With the Sky Lounge led ceiling, which works in coordination with the interior ambient lighting, especially the rear passengers can see the sky clearly. When dusk falls, a visual show starts with more than 15 thousand light elements and a great atmosphere is created in the interior. This panoramic glass roof can give a starry night effect in sync with ambient lighting, and 6 different color presentations c